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escott, thanks. I'll try that when I boot into Windows. So that's the conclusion: the game sucks. .. escott, BTW, do you know what is wrong with the packages? I don't know how to do it in Ubuntu. Is there a graphical application which can fix broken packages? kltrg, where did you get the packages from escott, the website from which I downloaded it. kltrg, try this: escott, do I have to use Synaptic? kltrg, yes or do-release-upgrade Alright, I'll try this. I'll be back. how can i install ntp? "deb: command not found" Hi, I'm currently using a live usb to access my files on my harddrive, but as my harddrive is quite broken I'd like to know if I could do this without it. Currently I have a live usb with a Lubuntu 13.10 version, and I'd like to know if I can use it as a Ubuntu 13.04 if my harddrive is messed up. The reason I'm asking is that I'd like to recover my files and if I could do it while using the live usb of Lubuntu 13.10, then I'd be able to use the live usb again after installing Ubuntu 13.04 sc0tty: DaemonicApathy, it's Ubuntu, not Lubuntu. I missed that part of your question. Any way you can boot into Windows? Yes I could, but I'd prefer to avoid it. Same way as before



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Hardata HDX Radio.rar .rar golcal

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